2020 оны 08 сарын 14-16 AgroExpo – Олон улсын хөдөө аж ахуй, Хүнсний үзэсгэлэн Хүй Долоон Худаг
Бүртгүүлэх Эрт бүртгүүлж ашигтай байрлал сонгоорой!

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Manufacturers and supplier of the following products and equipment will exhibit at AgroExpo. Except from the exhibition, the fair will host a number of auctions and cooperation and investment conferences.

А. Agricultural Sector

    • Vegetable and sorts
    • Fruit and their sorts
    • Agricultural machinery and equipment
    • Irrigation system
    • Green houses and equipment
    • Fertilizers
    • Medicine plants and products
    • Livestock products
    • Animal breeds
    • Animal farm technology
    • Veterinary services
    • Animal podders
    • Meat, milk and flour
    • Organic food products


B. Food Sector

 Food & Beverage

 Cultivated Food Products

 Sustainable agricultural products, dairy and poultry products, processed agricultural products, fishery and forest sectors.

 Prepared Food Products

 Pickled and preserved food, food ingredients, beverages), frozen and dried foods.


Drinks, juices, teas and coffees

 Specific Food Categories

 Health food, traditional food, fresh products, organic food, health supplements, health drinks.

Wines and spirits

Imported wines, brandy, cognacs, beers, domestic spirits and beers


 Food Preparation

 Coffee machines, slush and ice cream machines, vegetable cutters, ovens, mixers, peeling machines.

 Food Processing

 Cleaning and sanitation equipment, meat processing machinery, baking and confectionary machines, ice machines, sterilizers, refrigeration equipment.

 Food Packaging

 Wrapping and packing machines, packing materials, packaging process control systems and equipment.

 Kitchen Utensils

 Tableware, airtight containers, ceramics, baking products, pots  and pans, etc.

 Ingredients & Services

 Natural yeasts, gum bases, sugars, salts, coloring agents,  bleaching agents, emulsifiers, germicides, synthetic flavors,  synthetic preservatives, sterilizing agents, antioxidants and  Food/Food technology-related services and information.


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