2020 оны 08 сарын 14-16 AgroExpo – Олон улсын хөдөө аж ахуй, Хүнсний үзэсгэлэн Хүй Долоон Худаг
Бүртгүүлэх Эрт бүртгүүлж ашигтай байрлал сонгоорой!

By participating in the exhibition

AgroExpo 2019 is the biggest industrial exhibition in Mongolia. This event provides for opportunity to explore emerging trends and products in agriculture and food industry.

  • Get more qualified leads and accelerate your sales process
  • Build deeper relationships with current and prospective customers
  • Increase exposure and awareness of your current and new products and services
  • Advertise your products to investors. Increase the chances of getting an investment
  • See what your competitors are doing to help you keep your competitive edge 
  • Gain access to valuable year-round marketing improve quality control and many other chances


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